Chair and Presenters' Instruction

Chair's Instructions

If you attend the meeting online;

  1. Please log in 30 minutes prior to the session you will be chairing. (The log in URL will be informed 1 week before the meeting.)

If you attend on the venue (only for hybrid venue, Venue A and B);

  1. Please be seated at the Next Chair's Seat (to the front right of the room) 10 minutes prior to the session you will be chairing.
  2. There will be announcements made at the beginning of the sessions. Please start when the announcements made.

The time schedule is very tight. Please finish the session on time.

Oral Sessions 1~31

Keynote Lecture: 15 minutes presentation video and 5 minutes for discussion.
Oral presentation: 5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion.

Oral Presenter's Instructions

All presentations should be performed in English.
Presenters can select online, pre-recorded presentation or onsite presentation (onsite presentation is only for "Hybrid" venue)

Venue A to B (Held in Hybrid):
Presenter could choose whether to onsite presentation (at Tokyo) or to remote presentation (by Zoom or pre-recorded data).

Venue C to I (Held in Online only):
Presenter could choose whether to online presentation (by Zoom) or pre-recorded presentation.
Please check your network environment before the presentation.

1. Online presentation

  1. (1) Please log in our Zoom meeting system (we will let you know the URL later) and present your slide with using "Share screens" function.
  2. (2) After you nish your presentation, chairs will start Q&A session for your lecture. Please answer the question from chairs or participants.

2. Pre-recorded data presentation and live discussion

  1. (1) Please prepare your lecture data movie (MP4 file or PPT file with narration).
    (Deadline for oral presentation data: Thursday, July 14)
  2. (2) Secretariat office will deliver your lecture video as per the timetable.
  3. (3) When you prepare your presentation data, please check the cautions of followings.
    - All presenters must disclose COI (Conflict of Interest) on your slide.
    - Please keep the allotted time strictly.
    5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion
    - Please prepare your presentation data by PowerPoint*1 *2 le with narration or MP4 movie le.
    *1 Version of MS PowerPoint: Windows: 2019/Mac: 2019
    *2 For Macintosh users
    If you make your presentation data by Keynote, please check your data (character skew etc.)
    after changing to MS PowerPoint.
    - Our screen ratio is 16:9.
    - Please use standard fonts on OS.
  4. (4) After livestreaming your lecture video, chairs will start Q&A session for your lecture via Zoom.
    We would let you know Zoom URL.

3. Onsite Presentation Only for "Hybrid" venue, Venue A, B

  • - Timer is set at the podium. Yellow light will turn on at one minute before the end of the session.Red light will turn on at the end of the session.
  • - Please be seated at the Next Speaker's Seat (in front of the podium) 10 minutes prior to your presentation time.
  • - All presentations should be performed in English.
    (For concurrent oral sessions, discussions may be conducted in Japanese.)
  1. (1) Presentation Data
    1. 1) Only computer presentation is available.
    2. 2) Data in USB ash memory drive or PC are accepted.(CD-R is not allowed.)
    3. 3) Operating systems available are Windows. There will be no Macintosh computers available at the venue. Please bring your own PC if you wish to use Macintosh.
    4. 4) Application software available are Windows PowerPoint 2019.
    5. 5) All presentation data should be prepared in English.
  2. (2) Data Acceptance
    Please submit data to the PC Center (5F Lobby) for your presentation at least 30 minutes before the start of the session. The speakers of the first session of the day are recommended to bring in the data on the day before.

PC Center open hours

Friday, August 5, 8:00~15:20

When bringing your data in notebook computers

  • - Eastern Japan, including Tokyo, is on 100 V, 50 Hz. The plug type in Japan is type A with two -at blades without a ground pin, the same type widely used in the US and Canada.
  • - Speakers' notebook computers must be equipped with a D-Sub 15-pin output, standard monitor terminal. Some thin, light-weighted notebook computers, such as SONY VAIO Note and Apple PowerBook G4 may not have built-in ports.
  • - Speakers are requested to bring their own adapter for connection between PC and projector, and/or an electric transformer when these are necessary.

When bringing your data in USB memory

  • - After saving the presentation data on the USB memory, please confirm that the data can be activated at other PCs.
  • - The data will be copied onto the server and USB memory will be returned to the speaker.
  • - Presentation les should be named as "abstract number_name".
    i.e.) P01-01_JohnBrown, LS2_MarySmith (presentation le extensions may be. ppt or.pptx)
  • - Use standard fonts on the OS. Use of specialized fonts may cause garbling and displacement.

[Recommended fonts]
Arial or Times New Roman

  • - Animations and movies may be used, though it is highly recommended to be used with your own notebook computer. When bringing them in USB memory, comply with the below:
    a. Only wmv format les are accepted. Other formats are unacceptable
    b. Save the movie data in the same folder, so the link with the PowerPoint will be maintained
    c. It is recommended that you bring your own PC as backup to the movie data
    d. Please let the operator know if you are using sound data
  • - The presentation data will be deleted by the secretariat responsibly.
  • - All energy-conserving functions such as screen-savers, sleep/power saving modes should be disabled on laptops to be used in the presentation.

Only for keynote speakers

Secretariat office will ask you "Pre-recorded data presentation and Live discussion".
Please submit your lecture data in advance and we will deliver it as the timetable and it will be available to the registered audience of 12ADC on demand during the meeting and for 2 days of post-meeting

Digital Poster Presentations

All accepted poster abstracts are requested to prepare digital posters. You are required to prepare your digital poster data in advance.
Secretariat office will delete your digital poster data responsibly after the meeting.

 Digital Poster Viewing date and time:
 From August 4 at 9:00 to August 5 at 18:00, 2022
 (There is no poster discussion time.)

[Preparing your digital poster data]
Please check "How to register your Digital Poster" page.

Secretariat Office

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